Central Ms Custom Built Trailers - Quality Trailers Built One At A Time Retail And Wholesale
Trailer Checklist 
Shopping for a trailer there are many things for you to consider before a purchase.

1.Was the trailer built by licensed manufacturer or built in someones back yard?
    We are a licensed manufacturer and dealer in state of Mississippi.

2. Is the seller licensed, bonded and have insurance?
     We are a licensed, bonded and insured dealer.

3. Will you get title and paperwork need to get tag for your trailer?
     We will provide at time of sell a bill of sale,invoice & certificate of origin.

4. Can the seller repair or make modifications to trailer after the sell?
     We take care of all warranty work if needed.

5. Will trailer be sold with New or Used tires?
     We only sale trailers with New tires.

6.  Is trailer sold with treated lumber?
     We only use treated lumber.

7. Is trailer built to the specs. you need or do you settle for what you can get?
     We build to buyers needs.

8. Do you check quality of trailers before you purchase?
     We build for the quality not the quantity.You get what you pay for.

9. Before you buy a new trailer is the seller accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
     Central Ms Custom Built Trailers has an A+ Rating.

Central Ms Custom Built Trailers sells retail / wholesale/commercial and residential .
                Car Haulers,Equipment,Landscape and Utility Trailers.


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